Inauguration Day

I’ll be at a book discussion January 20th at noon. You’re welcome to my seat at the inauguration ceremony.

This week, I’m feeling very upset and sad so please pardon the self-referential depiction.

Folks who inhabit my diverse-origins, sushi-eating, PBS-watching, book-reading, climate-change-is-real bubble and some others are feeling that our nation’s been gut punched by a bad clown.  He may end up uniting us in ways he never intended.

I appreciate different policy positions on issues but would have preferred a leader who reads, pays his taxes, respects women, and has a sense of humor.  He’s never answered to a board, stockholders or a drill sergeant.

Drawing cartoons about him was fun when he was a candidate.  Now, as leader of my country he’s become a sad chore to draw and an embarrassing topic when we travel.Looking on the brighter side, positive outcomes are possible.  We could venture outside our bubbles occasionally and listen and better understand each other. Meanwhile, let’s keep his feet to the fire, call our representatives DAILY and vote.

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