Bucks County

Famous farming retreat for New York writers and artists just 80 miles SW in Pennsylvania.  Dorothy Parker, Pearl Buck, James Michener, Henry Mercer, William Lathrop and the Berenstein Bears all lived there.


Every year or so SAM and I join two old college pals and explore destinations around the NYC-DC corridor.  SAM had visited here a while ago and planned the trip.

I’d read The Good Earth in college and had never heard of Henry Mercer and the Moravian Tile Works.  A lot to learn (and see.)

Mercer’s Fonthill Castle is a guy’s kind of place.  4-stories, 44 rabbit-warren rooms, and some furniture, all made of poured concrete and adorned with the colorful tiles produced at his nearby tile factory (still operating.)

Historic houses are often not as interesting (to me) as their inhabitants.

Exceptions being N. C. Wyeth, Henry Thoreau and Mark Twain, all places where I’d actually enjoy living.  Add Pearl Buck and Richard Walsh’s Green Hills Farm, her home and studio where they raised nine children and she still had time to write 100+ books.  Great home and story.



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