Groundhog Day, 2018. Winter…

comes every year, even in LA.  There was a time I hated winter.  Slowly I learned that good things happen when it turns cold.  Fewer insects.  Not just “mossies” (what my Crocodile Dundee pals call mosquitoes) but the bad bugs that are killing the beautiful western pine forests as our climate changes.  Geese honking overhead.  Snow.  I know, but I’m no longer commuting to work so I can enjoy a storm now and then.  Don’t forget warm winter food, reading books and snuggling.  And, if you make it through, there’s those first shoots of  crocuses and snow drops that remind me that life goes on after we pass.

Nowadays, I’m feeling low here in the USA around Washington, DC.  Our nation’s President, whose only real agenda is his own narcissism and who is not very bright is bad enough.  We’ve had weak corrupt leaders before but our system managed to gag and spit them out.  Seemingly, not this time.  He’s being enabled by leaders of his adopted party, normally more comfortable in opposition, that should still know better.

I’m collaborating with a gifted retired Asheville pal who has blossomed into an insightful, creative and published poet.  Two old birds tryin’ to get through, we just grouse as old men do.

 And, there you have it, time for a nice cup of coffee.

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