Back in 2000, one of my cartoonist colleagues asked if I’d step in and do a course he had been teaching at a local community college.  It was a weekend workshop for elementary school children, Introduction to Art with Cartoons.  I loved it and continued for 6 years. Soon after, I tried our local county adult education program with a similar format but tailored for grownups.  I retired to Asheville, NC and soon took my courses to UNCA/OLLI where I’m giving a variety of art courses.

Along the way I am learning how to teach a skill, way different than a PowerPoint presentation. Teaching is hard.  Really what I do is help folks learn, to describe some basics and then coach them through some exercises.  Drawing is mostly practice and learning to see.  A little humor can ease those moments when the results are discouraging.

Cartooning, Montgomery Community College, Sidwell Friends Academy, Arlington Adult Education, UNCA/OLLI and Anne Arundel  Community College/PLP

Basic Drawing, UNCA/OLLI and Anne Arundel  Community College/PLP

Intermediate Drawing, UNCA/OLLI

What to do with those beautiful travel pictures (with Dennis Murphy at UNCA/OLLI)

Caricature  UNCA/OLLI.   Making fun of the way we look.