Welcome to my current Journal site.  (illo by son Chon)

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Some have asked, “Why bother? Doesn’t Facebook serve the purpose of ‘marking your Internet territory’  like all dogs do?”   Still, I persist.

I began my first graphical journal in 1971 on a wonderful trip through Europe and Israel and never stopped. There were/are photographs, but they seem to miss the context or story that goes with the images.   This online version is a more benign distillation of my paper sketchbook & journals and grants the viewer a welcome short-attention-span experience.

Mostly I benefit.  Writing and drawing clarify my thoughts.  Posting these longer than FB thoughts invites greater nutrition from civil email feedback.  It’s the big campfire in the clouds and this is my talking stick.   Thanks for stopping by.

NOTE Feb, 2022.  I have sadly disabled all comments because of abuse.  Thanks to my son for repair and restoration.