A passing, close to me

This summer, and over the past few years in fact. I’m reminded with a louder voice of our finite span as one of the living. Lots to consider. Always has been. One thing many of us leave befind is sadness and grief. Join me in a glass from that…

Last Bottle of Wine

No time to finish it before our demise.
Never get to say those “thank you’s” and “goodbyes.”
We leave a mess for others, with lives of their own, 
To cry and compose some words for our tombstone.

Fast, if we’re lucky, and mostly unexpected,
Then, we’re gone.  Unnoticed, by most, unaffected.
Remembered by a few, once in a while, 
Until soon they’re gone too.

The ripples from our pebble in the pond.
Don’t go very far before they’re gone.

That’s it, say goodbye to harmony and strife.
Unless you hug the pillow of an afterlife. 

Life is really very simple.
It’s right here, right now.
Just being the best we can be.
Kindness and generosity.

Laughter and good home cooking
And the taste of wine we favor
After all our hard work.
So happily others can savor. 


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