Words: Stories & Poems

My word drawings for folks with longer attention spans.

Creating stories with words is a little tougher for me as I tend to think visually. Vocabulary, grammar, person, etc. can seem as confining to me as drawing with wide indelible marker. But still I try. Poetry is a pleasant puzzle I sometime enjoy. My stories tend to be brief and employ animals as an simple abstraction of human characters. I have a long way to go but, like drawing, I enjoy the practice.

One big difference/problem is getting honest feedback. Written pieces take comparatively longer to process and most folks (except poets) hate reading poems. Viewer opinions about illustrations are can be seen quickly in their eyebrows and mouths.

I’ve gone on too long.

Poems are noted here with a “#” as a warning for poet poets .  These are mostly naïve but earnest efforts.  I’ll keep practicing…

My Car Grill  (Story of Luca)

#Last Song (Over the Rainbow)

#Haiku (about corn)

Bitten by a Malaysian Flying Fox Bat (1135 words)

Tails to Go  (1030 words)

Bjorn’s Blog  (637 words)

Last Class (210 words,  Flash Fiction class)

#Last Bottle of Wine