#Last Song

You’ll find me way above the chimney tops  by Bill LaRocque

When I was a peep with a blank sketchbook. 
Be like my dad, or take another look?
How can I do what I love and still cope?
Luck, hard work, fun, booze, and a lot of hope.

Garland, Cassidy, Ka ma kaw iwoʻole
Eric Clapton and Frank Sinatra, they
Sang Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg’s song.
Hopefully listening, I’d sing along.

Last show for friends gathered at my beer joint,
Slides for my memorial powerpoint.
My words, photos and some silly cartoons,
And my soundtrack, they’ll leave whistling this tune.

Just let your troubles melt like lemon drops.
You’ll find me way above the chimney tops
I’ll be there, with the birds I love, I know,
Flying high, somewhere over the rainbow.