Ireland 2004 (another back-in-the-day mini-memoir)

In 2004 working at the World Resources Institute, loving my job, I’d accumulated a lot of leave time.  Traditionally in August most of the senior execs in Washington were in Martha’s Vineyard which was a kind of a jr. vacation for me while they were away.  So as they started reappearing all tanned and golfed-out, I took off for Ireland.  I’d never been there, but I’d seen a pleasant travelogue featuring all those charming bed and breakfasts and pubs.

Air Lingus was having a special.  What could be simpler? Not much and not far.  First stop, Tipperary (not far, get it?) Day trips and visits to Castles and historic sites, rolling rural hills filled with sheep and charming towns and cities.  Nice BnBs and nearby pubs, so no driving.  BnB owners were happy to call ahead to my next destination.  Rented a French car and drove on the other side of the road for 10 days.  I did climb in the passenger side a few times, and clipped rear view mirrors twice.  My journal/sketchbook was always with me and evenings I would ink and color my sketches.

Fast-forward 15 years,  our good neighbors are planning a trip to the emerald isle so I found that old journal.  And, if you want to see a brief slide show, I’ve posted HERE.

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