Please indulge my personal summary of the past year, yet again.  

More, Better. I think technology (creative inventiveness) and humor (the olive oil and garlic of life) enable our survival. Two heroes, Bill Gates and Dave Barry both recap way better than I.

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I wrote a long summary about a week ago that, upon rereading, was so tedious and sniveling, I deleted it. I’m very happy to have been granted another year and to have spent it with my wonderful partner, SAM. For all my complaints (don’t get me started) I’m a lucky bloke, but my seat belt is fastened… I’ll leave it at that.

Thankful. I enjoy and am nourished by my men’s group brothers and our weekly discussions, my drawing, wood crafts and occasional writing, and especially our UNCA and AACC classes – both participating and leading.

Last year’s river cruise was a luxurious learning experience through the center of Europe. Also, I collaborated with one of my best pals to illustrate a beautiful collection of his poems that are both fun and profound at the same time.  Plug (Amazon link to On Wings of Words)

So welcome, 2019!  We could use some better news this year (and you know what I mean.)  Looking forward to Trump’s resignation, 5G, Star Wars IX, The Webb Space Telescope, a hair growth lotion, and going fishing.   

Thanks for stopping by and reading all the way down to here. Some pics below…

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